Not entirely done editing this, yet, but I wanted to share it. I was shooting the band in Cleveland this past week, and within one song Tim threw himself into the crowd - he did it so quickly, a lot of us photographers didn’t even notice at first! I wish I had gotten a better photo, but I did snap this one and I think it’s a pretty fair illustration of how these shows tend to go. He spent at least half a song, if not longer, holding onto people’s hands and singing and giving high-fives while security freaked out and refused to let go of him and kept trying to pull him back. Very cool.


McIlrath, 33,has been able to provide for his wife and two daughters respectably, in a two-story home in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights that’s all hardwood floors, contemporary furniture and a crackling fireplace in the living room. It could be anybody’s living room, but this one belongs to a proud husband, father, and social activist who tours the planet fronting one of the most vibrant rock bands in today’s music scene. As he goes through life, in his words, “naively optimistic,” McIlrath remains steadfast in his desire to build a better life for his family-and his fans. AP Magazine, May 2012


one of my life motos, described in song by one of the best bands ever, the Flobots.