ninemoons42: We're here to help you weather the bad news and help you celebrate your birthday. We're here for you. - love PJ

Thank you PJ, that means a lot to me.

ninemoons42 replied to your photoset “eldest bro took us out to try Miam Miam today ♪( ´▽`)”

what is that monstrosity in the last photo and did it taste good?????

It’s tomato rice topped with soufflé! The restaurant’s a French-Japanese fusion so I’m assuming this is sort of replicating omu rice, hehe. It was really really good but it was difficult to finish on my own OTL

ninemoons42: Emperor, Empress, Strength

Emperor: A man you really admire

Tim McIlrath; the lead singer for Rise Against. I mean, it’s my most favourite band, so of course I would like him but—the song he wrote and sang helped me out a lot during some of the hardest years of my life, and the way he actively supports good causes and cares for his fans, many of whom took similar comfort with their music is just really amazing to me.

Empress: A woman you really admire

Do fictional characters count? I really admire Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim series ;-; She had some major issues, yeah, but I really really loved how independent and grounded she was, and the way she dressed and carried herself and how easily she welcomed change was just, she’s the coolest person ever, to me. I kind of want to be her but I’ve obviously got a long way to go OTL

Strength: Something you struggle with

Coming to terms with the very big changes happening soon, and re-learning how to be happy with how I look again, haha;;

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Thank you PJ! <3

ninemoons42: we'll have to meet in the morning or in the evening - then I can treat you to sweets and tea and we can talk about all kinds of pretty boys?

Sounds like the makings of a great time! Aaaall the sweets and tea U3U 

ninemoons42: You're DANDERE no question about that!!!!!

Dandere - Usually quiet until the right person comes along

That’s what makes them special!

ninemoons42: what types of swimming do you think Charles and Wesley would do?

I think, considering how his powers and new lifestyle has a lot to do with speed and efficiency, Wesley would probably go for front crawl. I don’t think he’d go for something too complicated, and I’m pretty sure that this is one of the first strokes you learn, so…!

As for Charles, I think a breaststroke would suit him best. It’s one of the most primary strokes, but I’ve always found the whipkick especially hard to execute properly. It feels like something sensible for him to keep practicing and dem thighs gotta come from somewhere ya get what i mean

ninemoons42: I found your blog because Maddie gushed about you and your art!!!

ohhh my god this was back when I still used SAI on an old computer with shit colour accuracy gjjfjajkfgdjdfj 

So Maddie found me first..! I think I only got to know her long after I did to you? Either way, I’m glad you two found me at all. Imagine all the lovely things I would’ve missed!

ninemoons42: coffee, lecture notes used as sketch books, capslocking about favorite ships, drawing OCs of other people and your own, and DAVIDS.

g o es bright red ddfjkgh yes, perfect!


( •᷄ὤ•᷅) 

dio intrudes answered your post: ….actually, wait how old are you guys?

i just turned 20, iba’s a little older than me

Ahh so we’re only a year apart! I turn 19 in October, haha.

night-0f-the-hunter answered to your post “¦.actually, wait how old are you guys?”

I’m 16, almost 17 :)

I was about to say “yeah same” but gjgjfjdfdkdfjh

ninemoons42 answered to your post “¦.actually, wait how old are you guys?”

I’ll turn 32 this year.

?! Really? You look a lot younger in your pictures ;A; I guessed you were like 27-30…! have u been exchanging notes w/ james