you’re going to be late

new crew / shirt design for fall


concept art of mako mori from pacific rim: man, machines, monsters.



“Mother, how could you have forgotten Raven, your little girl? My sister.”


In the end I brought my laptop with me, so I got some WIPs finished there, plus a few sketchbook pages filled with flowers and disembodied dog parts because the little buggers wouldn’t stop moving. The cat didn’t want anything to do with the dogs, so I rarely saw it.

The expression on Charles’s face as he does something like this is just eerily perfect, and I love the hold Raven has on his hand. aqueoushumor strikes again.



XMFC Fandom, I have an idea! We should start a fundraiser for Oklahoma tornado relief! I know for a fact that we’ve got a buttload of talented writers and artists in the fandom, so why not put our skills to good use?

Anyone else have any ideas?

Everyone talks about being willing to create. Someone has to be willing to organize, right?

So I volunteer to organize, though with the caveat that I’m going to need to do this with at least one other person. Preferably, I need someone who will work in a different timezone from me - I’m more or less working on Paris time. 

The auction format seems to be popular, rather less stressful to maintain, and also has more or less instant gratification, which is why I used that to run the Help_Japan charity auctions on LJ after the Fukushima disasters. [] So maybe we can use this again or something.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?



This is a compilation post of James McAvoy’s interviews, guest appearances, some behind the scenes vids and more. I didn’t upload these, I just compiled them to make it easier to navigate. I chose not to add stage door videos or other personal vids. This is mostly just the (online) stuff that can’t be found on dvds. Some rare stuff here. If you see something you uploaded/compiled and want your name here, lemme know and I’ll add it.

All the links under the cut (pretty long list already)… this is a work in progress. :) Enjoy!

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Radical mutant rights activist bb!Erik is going to burn this shit to the ground.

Uuuggghhhhh why can’t I just write about mutant politics all day? And kissing. Politics and kissing. And babies. Politics and kissing and babies.


Also why can’t I?

You know what would be a heartbreaking, sort-of fucked-up AU fic: non-radical mutant rights/integrationist activist bb!Charles being severely wounded as a result of something radical mutant rights activist bb!Erik does. And then feels.

OR a mutant rights movement with two sides: one - official, peaceful and integrationist, led by Charles Xavier and the other, militia-like, led by Erik. The trick is: both of these sides work together (Erik’s militia is secretely a military arm of Charles’s movement).

OR another twist where Erik - as Charles’s lover, partner, friend or simply fellow mutant - agrees on ceasing all the military action, convinced by Charles’s belief that his, peaceful way of demanding mutant rights is a right way to go. And then someone tries to kill Charles, the telepath gets seriously injured, Erik is furious and all hell gets loose…  


「欲望」/「スオウ」のイラスト [pixiv]


Minimalist Pixar Posters


someone else’s bathroom